Dr. Ted Abramson, DC

Dr. Ted Abramson, DC is new to the LA scene. He is originally from Columbia, Maryland and graduated University of Maryland with a BS in Kinesiological Sciences. He received his Doctorate of Chiropractic at New York Chiropractic College and his family has a health background as well, having a father who is a massage therapist and a brother who practices acupuncture.

Dr. Abramson has 17 years of Chiropractic experience. He deals with preventive care in which he can restore the spine, upper and lower extremities back to optimal function. He also deals with acute injuries whether it be muscle, joint or nerve entrapment. Through physical rehabilitation, he treats chronic issues that tend to persist.

Dr. A has different expertise in his modalities. He practices CMT Diversified Technique with the spine but also delivers extremity adjustments as well. He stresses myofascial release and joint mobilization with his treatments, is extremely thorough and looks at the muscle-joint complex as whole rather than just focusing on one particular part. As a former personal trainer, he is capable of incorporating various exercises and stretches into his practice.

Dr. A is licensed through the California Board of Chiropractic, has certifications in Active Release Technique and NIMMO soft tissue therapies. He also has just graduated courses in Reiki I.

His activities outside work are numerous. Dr. A likes to run, hike and compete in bike racing. He is also an avid wine taster and foodie. DR. A can find fun at the beach, get lost at a museum or just find tranquil relaxation at a local Japanese garden.