Office Managers

Tammy Le

Manual Therapists

Karina Guadro

Manual Therapist

Karina, originally from El Salvador came to the U.S. when she was 12 years old and quickly learned that she developed scoliosis. When medication didn’t subside her pain, she was introduced to a massage therapist who was able to alleviate her discomfort.

At that moment, she knew she wanted to help people experiencing pain like herself. She has been a therapist for a year and a half receiving her California Massage Therapist Certification and is currently enrolled in the Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy program at the National Holistic Institute in Studio City, where she will graduate in March 2017.

Karina’s future aspirations include becoming a licensed chiropractor and improving the functionality of patients with education and treatments.

Felixberto Lumibao

Manual Therapist

Felixberto Lumibao has been working as a Sport Massage Therapist since Graduating from Southern California Health Institute in 2012.

He is versed in Medical Massage, certified by California Massage Therapy Councils and a Member of Associate Bodyworks and Massage Professionals. He furthered his studies and attained a certificate in Neuro Strutural Taping.

He has trained as a Member of team U.S.A in Safe Sport. He is recognized in the Sport of Dragonboat Paddling and competed locally and Internationally in China, Italy, Czech Republic, Australia, Canada, Hungary and Korea.

The Board of Supervisor s for the County of Los Angeles recognized his team, twice in 2010 and 2015,as a U.S.A Athlete. He also has been recognized at multiple US.Open events in the Sport of Badminton.

Roy Reyes

Manual Therapist

My hollistic lifestyle originated at birth when I came into this world by way of a midwife and assistance by my curandera great grandma. Alternative medicine, essential oils, and eccentric organic diets was the normal for me. Sadly my great grandmother’s health turned for the worst in high school, so occupational therapist taught me massage techniques to reduce inflammation from falls and Physical Therapy techniques to keep her body strong and mobile till the end.

Little did I know this was preparation for my successful career as a massage therapist. I attended somatherapy for two years in Palm Springs as I bartended at night to pay for classes. I took my time in receiving my certification and started collecting private clientele before I even finished my courses.

Officially it’s been 14 years since I stepped foot into my first swedish class. 12 years since I received my certification and began working for 5 diamond resorts and prestigious chiropractors all over beautifulsouthern California.


Western modalities

–   Swedish
–   Sports
–   Deep tissue
–   Myofascial release
–   Lymphatic drainage
–   Craniosacral
–   Prenatal
–   Aromatherapy

Eastern modalities

–   Thai massage for table and floor
–   Barefoot shiatsu
–   Tu nai accupressure
–   Reflexology
–   Cupping (training in process)

*Specialist certification

Deep tissue/ medical massage specialist that includes prior certifications in; advanced sports massage, myofascial release, hot stone therapy, advanced deep tissue techniques.

Supplemental education received from the Swedish Health Institute (Los Angeles)
Terri Rogers(Orange county)

Candace Maddren


Manual Therapist

Candace began practicing massage in 1986 because she had an affinity for touch and an intuitive understanding of the art of relaxation. She started her studies at The Massage School of Santa Monica and later attended the Healing Arts Institute in Fort Collins, Colorado for a more comprehensive study of bodywork.

She began private practice immediately and also worked with several fitness facilities, a chiropractic office and a physical therapy clinic in Studio City, California where she got experience working with clients recovering from auto and workplace injuries. In 2001 she moved to Denver, Colorado and started her own business doing corporate chair massage and providing on-call massage services to hotels in the Denver area.

In this capacity that she really excelled, enjoying the fast pace of business and the variety of the clientele.

Personal Trainers


Isha Schaap

Fox Plaza PT Director

Isha Schaap first entered the world of training in Amsterdam where he followed his passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle by obtaining a European Fitness Instructor certificate. After living abroad for over 10 years, Isha moved back to his hometown of Los Angeles to expand his knowledge and experience in training.

In addition to being a trainer Isha considers himself a guide for his clients, motivating and inspiring them by focusing on the entire body and person. He approaches each training session with this in mind,

“The body has to move in order for health to happen.”

Isha works with his clients to help them achieve a pain free, active way of life through corrective and functional movement. Isha loves to be active himself and has been involved in sports all of his life. In high school, he participated in soccer, football, and wrestling and weightlifting and also enjoys more recreational activities like wakeboarding, snowboarding, salmon skiing, and motocross. He brings this passion for sports and movement to his training session and his clients appreciate his infectious enthusiasm. His clients also enjoy his friendly compassionate demeanor and the way he makes their personal goals the focus of every session.


–  Westwood Physical Therapy
–  Strength and Conditioning Santa Monica College football


–  Corrective functional exercise
–  Strength and conditioning
–  Rehabilitation


–  ALLO (European Fitness Instructor)
–  NASM- CPT (Certified Personal Trainer)
–  NASM-CES (Correction Exercise Specialist)
–  NASM-PES (Performance Enhancement Specialist)
–  EFTI (Equinox Fitness Training Institute)
–  Kettle Bell Athletics (Kettle Bell Level 1 Trainer)

Nick Torblaa

Nick Torblaa

Westwood Gateway PT Director

I was born and raised in Minnesota where I became involved in sports and fitness at a very young age. There I attended the University of Minnesota Duluth for Exercise Science. I moved to California to attend graduate school for Kinesiology, with an emphasis on Exercise and Sport Psychology. I’ve always been interested in how the mind and body work together, and utilize this information to help others achieve their personal goals!

Put in the work to feel great, perform well, and do good.


Personal Training, Rehabilitation, and college athlete strength and conditioning.


–  ACE: Certified Personal Trainer
–  B.S. Exercise Science
–  M.S. Kinesiology


Strength and Conditioning, Sport Performance, Body Transformation.

Pilates Reformer

Alba Fernandez

Pilates Reformer Rehabilitation Instructor

Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain Alba offers personal classical pilates sessions to gain the necessary body awareness to make our daily lives less stressful and more enjoyable.

Pain management, rehabilitation, stretching and strengthening are the main ingredients to take care of our powerful mind and precious body.

She is a certified Classical Pilates Instructor and a certified Ballet dancer. She also loves surfing, swimming, biking, skiing, sailing and walking.