I just wanted to drop you a quick note letting you know that I am so thankful for your services and staff!!! Hue was an absolute gem getting me started and accommodating all my requests.  Isha is an incredible PT Aide and so knowledgeable and encouraging. Dr S. has been so helpful adjusting and teaching me great ways to keep the stress away.  Finally I can’t say enough great things about Crystal. Her massages have altered my standard of a truly GREAT manual  therapist.


Thank you again to you and your team.  You have no idea how grateful I am that you created this for us as this building!!!  Your team is AMAZING!!



Melany is WONDERFUL!  I can’t say the pain is gone, because I still work out and live life (a little more actively now, thanks to all the wonderful programs you provide us these days!), but I can say it has lessened a great deal.  And I wouldn’t even go to a chiropractor before, since I’ve had some terrible experiences with others in the past.  Dr. Soraya has alleviated most of my fears, and now I trust him almost implicitly.

Between Melany and Dr. Soraya, I’m able to sit up straighter and walk a little taller without my back cramping or something pinching horribly.  I’m much more mindful of my posture and how I work and exercise so as to not do further damage. Even when there is pain or even just a nagging discomfort, I know it will soon be greatly lessened with a very convenient visit!  I’m much more comfortable at work, and at play… I’m really very grateful for all the services you provide.

Sallye Stotsbery

My experience with ChiroFusion has been nothing short of spectacular.  My PT Aide, Isha, is a rock star and his intense sessions have really helped my ailing shoulder and hamstring. Tania and Kayla are phenomenal manual therapists – among the best I’ve ever had (and I’ve had many).

Dr. Soroya – another gem; knowledgeable, confident, and won’t adjust me if he doesn’t have to, which I appreciate it. And I’d also like to add that my dealings with you, Janelle, have been incredibly pleasant.  You’re courteous, kind and so helpful.

Zach Zerries

“I consider myself lucky that I can take advantage of the ChiroFusion program here at the Fox Plaza.  Everyone I’ve worked with is very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable.  They put a lot of care and attention to the services they provide.  It is very easy and convenient to make your appointments especially if your work is here at the Fox Plaza.  Thanks to ChiroFusion I’m able to take my health  to a whole new level.  I can feel and see the difference.  THANK YOU THANK YOU!”

Jessica Wu